Am I able to use my phone, laptop, and hairdryer? Is internet connection available, such as WiFi?

While moored at a port and connected to the power grid, you can use a normal socket to power your phone and electric devices. However, during navigation, the availability of 220V electricity depends on the boat's setup; some boats may not have it unless there's a generator or inverter onboard. In such cases, it's advisable to bring USB connectors for charging with 12V and avoid using large electric devices.

Many boats offer Wi-Fi systems for internet access, and while cruising near the coast, you can easily connect via your smartphone's data connection. However, please note that internet availability may be limited in open seas. Nonetheless, this presents an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the sailing experience and nature. Before booking and during your trip, it's wise to communicate your needs and inquire about available amenities with the charter operator and skipper.