Details of the BASIC-Coverage for RIB-Boats

Co-insured in the liability insurance are as follows:

  • The personal legal liability of the skipper and persons authorized to handle the watercraft; 

  • The legal liability from the pulling of water skiers and kite surfers; 

  • The individual legal liability of water skiers, if and as long as they are in the towing of the watercraft (subsidiary); 

  • The legal liability of the persons insured from damage at a wracked boat caused by an aif measure, e. g. a rope connection, provided that they are asked to assist a boat in distress; 

  • The legal liability for pecuniary damage from claims which occurred during the effective insurance period; 

  • The legal liability of the person insured for direct or indirect consequences of changes of the physical, chemical, or biological nature of a stretch of water, including groundwater (water pollution).