At Pro Deck Management, we value your privacy and are committed to protecting it. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and process your personal data when you use our online yacht booking system through our website or other online platforms, including our partners' websites and social media.

We prioritize your interests and strive to maintain transparency throughout our data processing practices. We may update this Privacy Policy periodically, so we encourage you to visit this page regularly to stay informed about any changes. If any changes to the Privacy Policy, such as those required by GDPR, will affect you, we will notify you before implementing these changes

It is important to note that if you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, we kindly request that you discontinue using our services. However, if you agree, we are excited to embark on this journey together and provide you with exceptional sailing experiences


What types of personal data does PRO DECK MANAGEMENT collect?

We collect standard information such as your name, preferred contact details, and any other relevant details regarding your holiday, such as your arrival time at the marina to ensure the boat is prepared for you.

Additionally, we may request reviews from you to assist other sailors and guests in finding their ideal experience. These reviews may include your name and the content of your review. Furthermore, we collect information from the device you use to access our services, such as your computer, phone, tablet, or other devices. This may include your IP address, currency preferences, browser type, and language settings. These details help us customize our website for your convenience.

Depending on your reservation, we may also require your address, telephone number, payment information, date of birth, and the names of guests accompanying you. Please ensure that any guests traveling with you are aware of this.

Additionally, there may be instances where we receive information about you from third parties or automatically, such as from our partner organizations with whom you may be in contact. Our services may also be integrated with other travel partners to provide a yacht booking system accessible in various countries.


Why does PRO DECK MANAGEMENT collect and use your personal data?

To ensure your holiday experience is seamless and enjoyable, when utilizing PRO DECK MANAGEMENT, we take steps to ensure clear communication channels and effective assistance in planning your vacation. This might involve requesting a crew list beforehand, eliminating the need for last-minute marina queues. Understanding your language preference and preferred contact methods is another reason for collecting your information. Additionally, data collection aids in tailoring our marketing content to align with your interests or keeping you informed about the latest sailing offers

Expect communication from us, such as receiving new blog posts or accessing vouchers for future trips. Prior to your departure, we may share insights on recommended areas to explore or avoid, along with essential trip details (e.g., marina information). Should you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, a direct link within the email allows for easy opt-out. In the event that the unsubscribe option isn't available, feel free to reach out to us directly at info@prodeckmanagement.com.

Certain relevant details may be shared with third parties primarily to facilitate your yacht reservation, provide pertinent information for your sailing experience, or verify accuracy (e.g., email confirmation during booking). All third-party service providers are contractually bound by confidentiality agreements and are restricted from utilizing your personal data for any other purposes beyond our instructions. Should you make a reservation through our business partners' platforms, we encourage reviewing their privacy notice to comprehend how they handle your personal information.

In cases where credit card details are used for reservations, specific reservation particulars may be shared with payment service providers and relevant financial institutions to process the payment.

There might be instances where we're required by law or for preventing, detecting, or prosecuting criminal activities or fraud, that we may disclose personal data to law enforcement authorities or other competent agencies. Such disclosures might be essential to protect and defend our rights or those of our business associates.

 Rest assured, we do not engage in selling or renting your data to any third parties


What security does PRO DECK MANAGEMENT use to keep your personal data safe?

Prodeckmanagement.com, a.s. oversees the handling of personal information outlined in this Privacy Statement. We operate as a privately held company under the legal framework of the Estonian Republic.

We do not engage in the physical printing or offline storage of your personal data. All information is encrypted and securely maintained on our servers, with restricted access granted only to a limited number of authorized individuals. Rigorous business systems and protocols are employed to ensure the protection and confidentiality of the personal information provided by you.

Our security measures encompass stringent procedures, both technical and physical, regulating the access and utilization of personal data stored on our servers. Only authorized personnel are granted access to personal data as necessitated by their respective roles


How can you control the personal data given to Pro Deck Management?

Feel free to reach out to us at info@prodeckmanagement.com to request an overview of your personal data. If there are any updates or modifications needed for your personal information, please inform us, and we will promptly make the necessary corrections. Alternatively, you may have the option to edit certain details through your personal account.

You possess the right to examine the personal data retained by us whenever desired. Access to or deletion of your personal information can be requested through your user account settings or by contacting us via email at info@prodeckmanagement.com.


How does PRO DECK MANAGEMENT process communications with other parties?

We offer our partners access to an online system where essential information is securely stored, ensuring that only pertinent details required for managing your sailing holiday are disclosed. For instance, if sailing authorities demand verification of your sailing license, we facilitate this process.

The duration for retaining your personal data is determined based on its necessity for facilitating our services, ensuring your access to our offerings (including maintaining your online user account), adhering to relevant laws, resolving disputes, and supporting our business operations. All retained personal data remains subject to the guidelines outlined in this Privacy Statement. Should you have inquiries regarding specific retention periods concerning particular types of personal data in our possession, please contact us at info@prodeckmanagement.com.



When utilizing our online services, various methods involving cookies and other tracking technologies may be used. These technologies are implemented either directly by us or by our business partners, which encompass third-party service providers and collaborating advertisers. If you seek further information about the functionality of cookies, their usage, and the options available to you, please explore more details here.

What is a cookie?

A cookie refers to a small data snippet placed within your computer's browser or on your mobile device. These "first-party cookies" are served by the entity managing the domain where the cookie originates, such as Pro Deck Management's own cookies. However, if we authorize others to utilize cookies through Pro Deck Management websites, these become known as "third-party cookies".

Moreover, there exists a distinction between session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies persist only until you close your browser, while permanent cookies endure for a longer duration and aren't automatically erased upon browser closure.

Beyond cookies, other akin tracking technologies are utilized. These may include web beacons, also known as pixel tags, web bugs, or GIFs, along with tracking URLs or software development kits (SDKs). A web beacon, a minute graphic of just one pixel, can be transmitted to your device within a web page request, an advertisement, or an HTML email. Pixels serve to gather information from your device, such as device type, operating system, IP address, and visit time. They are also used to deploy and read cookies within your browser. Tracking URLs aid in identifying the referring website from which Pro Deck Management websites or apps are accessed. SDKs, akin to cookies and web beacons, are small code segments integrated into apps.

Collectively, all these technologies are encompassed under the term "cookies" within this Cookie Statement.

How are cookies used?

Cookies serve various purposes, allowing the recognition of users across different pages of a website. The information collected through cookies includes details like IP address, device ID, viewed pages, browser type, browsing patterns, operating system, internet service provider, timestamp, response to advertisements, referring URL, and utilized features.

Technical cookies ensure the proper functioning of our website, while functional cookies remember language preferences or frequently used filters. These cookies are indispensable in delivering the excellent user experience we aim for.

Analytics cookies aid in understanding visitor behavior on Pro Deck Management. They provide insights into page views, entry and exit pages, email interactions, and more. By utilizing analytics cookies, we enhance our websites based on what resonates with users and what doesn't. Furthermore, we leverage these cookies in our online advertising endeavors to comprehend user interactions with our website or apps following exposure to online ads.

Commercial cookies, including both third-party and our own, are utilized to exhibit personalized advertisements on our websites and elsewhere. Known as "retargeting," this process relies on browsing activities, encompassing searched destinations and viewed yacht listings.