About us

Pro Deck Management is the leading yacht charter, brokerage, and management company. Our charter brokers offer complete cycle of service on all aspects of your yacht holiday, from booking the desired boat for intended budget, to negotiating with charter company, doing all the documentary work and handling payments. We provide the finest expert guidance and personal confidential approach.

On the management side we are staffed with the most professional ex-captains from cruise vessels, superyachts, offshore support vessels, and of course sailing yachts with decades of combined experience in operation and management of the most sophisticated craft. We combine technical management with procurement of necessary parts as well as staffing yachts of all sized by qualified captains, officers, engineers, deckhands, and catering crew.

Sale and purchase and valuation side of business is performed by shipbrokers – members of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers as well as certified valuators having access to deepest market insights.

Our clientele is both professional skippers, yacht owners as well as everyone else who are simply interested in enjoying their well-deserved yacht holiday. Yachting holidays are among the most enjoyable experiences in life and your yacht and vacation are in good hands with our professional crew

Kennart Kose

Pro Deck Management CO-Founder, Cruise vessel Captain and Certified Yacht Charter Broker

Damir Utorov

Pro Deck Management CO-Founder, Master Mariner, Racing Sailor and Member of the Institute of Chartered Ship Brokers