Insuring a boat - how do I find the right policy?

A boat insurance policy provides security and the certainty that you have a strong partner at your side in the event of a damage claim. However, insurance benefits are essential for a boat depending on the individual case. For example, while one skipper is looking for comprehensive insurance for his ship, another would prefer to take out an all-around carefree package.

With EIS, you will always pick the right boat insurer as we offer you individually tailored boat insurance policies. Within our TOP or BASIC coverage, select the range that fits your plans: liability, fully comprehensive, and accident insurance for all occupants.

Enter the most critical data of your watercraft and the region in our boat and yacht insurance calculator to determine your premium with just one click.

Stay as flexible with your boat insurance as you are at sea! At EIS, we arrange individual insurance cover for you. You decide whether TOP or BASIC cover is best for you and whether you prefer boat full comprehensive, boat liability, or passenger accident insurance. The boat insurance costs always depend on the tailor-made policy.