Which yacht insurance is the right one for me?

You can take out your yacht insurance with EIS within the TOP or BASIC cover. Then you decide on coverage. Do you need fully comprehensive yacht insurance or liability? Just click, and a few details about your yacht are enough to calculate your tailor-made yacht insurance premium.


What does the EIS yacht insurance include?

EIS offer three individual insurance policies with two coverage concepts with our yacht insurance. In the following, you will discover the details of each package. In addition, we offer premiums determined by the services you require

Yacht liability insurance

  • Yacht liability insurance settles claims resulting from personal injury and property damage caused to you as skipper or the crew to third parties.

  • The TOP cover also includes liability claims by co-insured persons against each other for personal injury.

  • The legal liability is also insured with EIS if you pull water skiers and paragliders with your yacht.

  • Damage during sailing regattas and transfer trips also is covered.


Yacht fully comprehensive insurance

  • The Yacht fully comprehensive insurance covers damage to your yacht and accessories.

  • Damages can be after a thunderstorm, storm, fire, collision, mast breakage, vandalism, or theft.

  • Personal effects covered by EIS include laptops, smartphones, cameras, clothing, and fishing equipment.

  • The deductible is partially excluded.


Yacht passenger accident insurance

  • The yacht passenger accident insurance is valid worldwide for the insured yacht and its tenders.

  • If you charter a yacht, the insurance cover also applies within the scope of the TOP cover.

  • The insured persons include yourself as the policyholder and skippers, crew members, visitors, and guests.

  • The TOP covers rescue costs and medical fees up to EUR 3,000.