Deposit Insurance for Chartered Yachts

Take advantage of our attractive deposit insurance for Skipper and Crew.Understandably, the yacht owner secures themself against unpleasant surprises and charges a deposit.

Whether it's a sail breaking, the yacht gets a few scratches, or the slightest damage after your return from the dream vacation, the owner will partly or wholly retain this deposit. In this case, you are protected by charter deposit insurance.


Details for the charter deposit insurance

It is covered in the partial or total withholding of the charter deposit by the owner/charterer due to loss or damage caused by the private policyholder or the crew. Insurance benefit: The compensation of the damage in money does not exceed the insurance sum. The deductible is 10 % of the deposit, at least 100 EUR. If the regatta risk is included, the deductible is 15 % of the deposit, at least 300 EUR.


Simple pricing model

To determine the insurance premium for our charter deposit insurance, only two questions are necessary:

  • Is it covered for a voyage or an annual coverage? 

  • How much is the deposit sum? (for an annual coverage the most expensive planned deposit sum) If the data are known, you can multiply the deposit sum with the following percentage, and you will get the insurance premium.


Cover for a cruise Annual coverage
Deposit of up to 3.000 € 8% 15%
Deposit of more than 3.000 € 7% 13%
Minimum premium 75,- € 100, - €
Regatta risk plus 15% plus 15%