Insurance for yachts: our BASIC cover at a glance

Yacht liability insurance covers, among other things:

  • the personal legal liability of the skipper in charge and the persons otherwise authorized to operate the vessel,

  • ownership and use of tenders with a drive power of up to 5 hp,

  • the legal liability arising from the towing of water skiers and paragliders,
  • the personal legal liability of water skiers if and as long being pulled by the vessel (subsidiary),

  • the legal liability for damage occurring during participation in sailing regattas or during the associated transfer trips,

  • the legal liability of the insured persons if they are called upon by a boat in distress to render assistance, and damage is caused to the ship in distress as a result of this corresponding assistance measure - e.g., a line connection,

  • the legal liability for financial loss arising from insured events which occurred during the validity of the insurance policy,

  • the policyholder's legal liability for direct or indirect consequences of changes in the physical, chemical, or biological condition of a body of water, including groundwater (water damage).


The yacht's fully comprehensive insurance covers, among other things:

  • Insured perils: Collision, grounding, stranding, sinking, fire and explosion, theft, vandalism, force majeure, lightning, and mast breakage

  • including insurance cover for a named trailer in the event of a fire, explosion, theft, and total loss as a result of an accident or force majeure

  • in the event of a total loss: Replacement of the current value (current value insurance)

  • in the event of partial damage: cost assumption of repair costs with deductions "new for old," reimbursement of transport costs to and from the shipyard

  • Insurance cover extends to the yacht, including machinery, equipment, inventory, dinghies, accessories, and personal effects

  • Insurance cover is provided on water and land, including landing and launching

  • Insurance cover for land transport and the trailered boat by ferry is included

  • Expenses for salvage, salvage attempts, and, if applicable, disposal are covered up to the amount of the sum insured (in addition to the sum insured)

  • Expenses of the policyholder are also insured to avert and mitigate a loss up to an amount of 20 % of the sum insured,

  • including regatta risk/competition risk for sailboats at club regattas

  • non-named personal effects, equipment, and accessories up to a value of 1 % of the sum insured are included in the insurance cover

  • No deductible in the event of theft of the outboard motor when equipped with a GPS/GSM transponder.


These points are included in the yacht passenger accident insurance:

  • area of validity worldwide for the insured yacht and its tender

  • insured persons are the policyholders (owner), skipper, crew members, visitors, and guests

  • double disability benefit up to 200,000 EUR/person from 90 % disability onwards

Get an overview of the insurance benefits of the TOP and BASIC cover, in which we combine yacht liability insurance, yacht hull and passenger accident insurance for you.